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Improving the seismic response of buildings thanks to the lightened slabs with U-Boot Beton®

U-Boot Beton®: reduction of seismic and gravitational actions

When you erect new buildings, the structures have to be designed to resist to seismic stress, as prescribed by the anti-seismic standards.

Daliform Group, Company that has always been outstanding for its capacity to create new innovative products, has developed seismically efficient building solutions: putting some hollow elements in recycled Polypropylene, called U-Boot Beton®, in horizontal structures to optimize the distribution of the concrete masses, thus reducing the quantity used.

In this way, you obtain the additional advantage of saving steel for the reinforcement: with the same thickness compared to a monolithic slab, with U-Boot Beton® you get a weight reduction of up to 40%. This has a positive effect on the rest of the structure thanks to the reduction of seismic and gravitational actions.

All this leads to larger structural meshes, absence of emerging beams, more flexible spaces and more adaptable environments over time.

U-Boot Beton® replaces the obsolete and problematic traditional lightening systems in polystyrene and brick, ensuring superior structural performances, high quality standards of the slab and a perfect and homogeneous intrados finish, allowing to satisfy even the architectural needs.

U-Boot Beton® guarantees excellent performances even when used for structures to be built in the most demanding seismic areas.

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