Water mill becomes a home

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Living space full of light

Old water mill gained new, better life. Owing to the architect’s creativity concerning conversion of the attic space, an old building turned into a comfortable and illuminated house.

In order to make the building’s attic suitable for living, it was vital to fill it with natural light. Creator of the project used different types of FAKRO roof windows. Applying FAKRO proSky windows secured very good interior lighting. What is more, raised axis of rotation in the FYP-V windows stands behind easy operation and possibility to approach to the window edge in order to take pleasure from a wide view of the outside. It is undoubtedly a great benefit for the user as the building has picturesque location.

In the bathroom there were used FAKRO FDY-V windows, with even bigger glazing surface, making the bathroom a bright, energy-giving space.

L-shaped combination winows BXP in addition to delivering more natural light to the room, provide a better view from the inside of the building to the surrounding nature. Moreover, L-shaped windows BXP in the applied size make the house seen from the outside very stylish.

The remaining part of the attic is filled with FAKRO FTP-V pivot windows, which, while ensuring very good parameters, light up interiors and allow their ventilaton.

L-shaped windows give the house unique and elegant look
L-shaped windows give the house unique and elegant look

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