Modernized farm connects the owners with nature

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Comfortable homestead in the countryside for working and living

A village named Persingen, not far from Nijmegen, is known as the smallest village in Netherlands. An old farm in this quiet place has been transformed into a comfortable residence. The homestead consists of two buildings. Large, modern glazings filling the walls and roofs provide the interiors with lots of natural light.

The modernized buildings look fresh and cheering. Their thatched roofs keep some traditional tone in the up-to-date designed, profusely glazed buildings. Combination of entrance door with top transom and the roof window in one line illuminates the interior very well. Located upstairs bedoom has 255 cm tall double sash roof windows. These large glazings make the attic rich in natural light. Vast vertical windows guarantee beautiful view at the greenery surrounding the house.

The ground floor of the other building has a large garage, a room with kitchen and an office, which is also equipped with large vertical windows. There is a gym in the attic of this building and it has pivot roof windows that fill it with light. All the roof and vertical windows connect the interiors of these buildings with the outside world and create a cheering atmosphere inside.

Modernized farm connects the owners with nature

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