Flat roofs benefit residents

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Phootovoltaics and FARKO DRF flat access roof lights make it work

Looking closely at these four buildings in Chicago one can realize that the future is now. They were designed to be comfortable and eco-friendly but also to look good. The buildings are supposed to meet the requirements in different terms, like use of energy, thermal comfort and illumination with natural light.

Timeless design

The look of the buildings is modern, stylish but simple. 90 degrees angles between all the outer walls and flat roof make the whole shape pure and timeless. The look of the whole complex of four same-shaped buildings, brings even more simplicity and harmony to final outcome. Eco-friendly and simple-looking structure should make the local community happy with this new estate. Fresh air all around, abundance of natural light inside and great thermal insulation go here well with the design and ergonomy.

Solutions on top

Photovoltaic panels have been installed on tops of the buildings to supply the homes below with free electricity. Having them set on a flat surface will make it easier to do any maintenance work when it is needed. Very important here are the flat access roof lights DRF. These very elegant looking roof light accesses have a set of advantages. They do not only provide comfortable access to the roof but they also bring natural light inside. The thermal insulation of these access roof lights is high. Uw coefficient of the DRF DU6 is 0,74 W/m2K. DRF's very good looking sash complements the modern look of the buildings.

Flat roofs benefit residents

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