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Frigomeccanica presents its new range of high-tech food showcases

Frigomeccanica is an Italian company specialised in the production of professional furnishings and commercial refrigeration systems for butchers, delicatessens, food stores and supermarkets.

Frigomeccanica's response to the needs of professional fittings for shops and businesses related to the management of food products is a vast range of food counters.

Refrigerated, neutral and hot counters for butchers, delicatessens, food stores, fishmongers and supermarkets. Innovative equipment for its design and functionality specifically created for cold cuts, cheeses and meats, a complete range of linear and corner refrigerated modules.

The refrigerated display cabinets can be static or ventilated, while the refrigerated display counters, with internal or remote compressors, are available from larger to slimmer depths, for grocery stores and supermarkets that need to display a considerable quantity of products in the smallest space.

According to Andrea Pilotti, digital marketing manager for Frigomeccanica, the great novelty of this range of products is the possibility of installing Frigoconnect technology which allows remote monitoring of the machine's operation, allowing you to vary the machine set parameters, to record and store the data in the cloud. The system works on computers with WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G with a sim connection. In one of the 2 variants, there is a management app for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The advantages of Frigoconnect includes remote diagnosis and troubleshooting. Assistance from the parent company with verification and modification of operating parameters. Alert notifications in the event of a malfunction. Availability of HACCP and operating data in Excel for the past 5 years.

Frigomeccanica's new proposals for food

According to Enzo Di Serafino, Frigomeccanica's sales manager, the new refrigerated counters and showcases are ready to meet all the design, technology and functionality needs of stores that want to manage their core business in a modern and profitable way.


Hangar is a top-of-the-range refrigerated cabinet, characterised by its perspex structure with absolute transparency that can significantly improve the displayed product's visibility. The cabinet refrigeration system is available in different versions specifically designed for butchers, delicatessens and cheese shops.


A specific cabinet for meat, salami and dairy products. Its versatility lets you install it inside a cafe, to display bread, pastries or fresh fish. The design's elegance combines its high-tech construction and the most innovative materials, making the Mirage Deluxe and Tech suitable for any work environment.


Polo is a modular showcase particularly suitable for maximising the visual display of food products. It is available with both static and ventilated refrigeration systems. The third generation of showcase that has based its success on reliability, returns with a new design, a wide range of accessories and shelving for every need.


Fjord consists of a complete series of open and closed refrigerated multideck unit, with both integrated or remote compressors. The range includes modules of different lengths that can be connected each other.


Sven is a refrigerated multideck unit with reduced depth, designed for those who need to display a considerable quantity of products in the smallest space. It is available with either an integrated or remote compressor. Sven's internal colour can be black, white or polished stainless steel, while the external front panel is in standard colours or made of wood.


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