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A new system for a new way of working


Many years of experience, leadership in the furniture sector and specialization in modular movable walls allowed Ge Giussani to come into contact with heterogeneous realities. One of the most important arose from the close collaboration undertaken with Aksu / Suardi studio, a leading player in the design sector.

The identity of Ge Giussani is therefore combined with the professionalism and experimental nature of Aksu / Suardi studio, creating a winning combination. The objective of this cooperation concerns the development and implementation of an innovative system that favors "agile work" and increases work performance. All this in the name of not only innovation but also sustainability and energy renewability.

The idea is to create a multifunctional working environment, which can be configured according to needs. In this way, a conference room could be transformed into a call center or a temporary office.

The success of the project derives above all from the quality and adaptability of the materials used. It is here that Ge Giussani intervenes with his know-how, creating and making available a wide range of products: from movable and sliding walls that will guarantee maximum versatility and optimization of the available space, to raised floors and floating floors for interior, which, being perfectly adaptable to the environment, guarantee a perfect combination of functionality and design. Finally, it is impossible not to mention the extreme usefulness (for example in the office) of the dividing panels and glass partitions, excellent for ensuring work privacy.


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