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Griffon hydrohasse: available complete kit!!


Hydrochasse with the colour of choice *




lip with the colour of your choice *



* colors of Griffon catalog

You can also use the configurator to create your kit:

The ‘hydrochasse’ system by Griffon has been invented in 1950 by the historical leader Claudius Griffon. Since its establishment, the company has benefited from a whole recognition in the eyes of the world thanks to the ingenuity of its products.

Today, Griffon relies on the technical inheritance of the Griffon family while aiming to innovate and modernize its products. The two young businessmen, who at the end of 2015, took the society back, intended to turn Griffon into a dynamic company, by combining tradition and modernity.

François Mounier and Thibaud Elzière have decided to throw themselves into this aspiring project by buying the company, under the benevolence of the Griffon family. They gather a new team and move to a new factory in compliance with standard conformities.

Still located in the Saint-Etienne agglomeration, Griffon carries on its exclusively French know-how.

Griffon hydrohasse: available complete kit!!


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