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Following its purchase by two businessmen in 2015, the Company, which manufactures ‘hydrochasses’ with sparkling colours, gathers some new momentum.

For more than one century, the Griffon Company has been present in many French households through the ‘hydrochasse’ technology, invented in 1950 by Claudius Griffon. The hydro pneumatic flush Griffon allows saving up to 70 % of water in comparison with a conventional flush system. After a fire in 1995, the Company lost momentum, flirted with the bankruptcy until its recovery in 2015, thanks to two businessmen: François Mounier, manager of Alsolu, an industrial firm located in La Ricamarie, and one of his friend, Thibaud Elzière, a web entrepreneur who created the image bank Fotalia.

A new image

« The aim of the work performed by the new team was to provide the Company a new image, and the Company offers today a wide choice of colours in its products, as well as the possibility to customize them », says Bruno Varin, the commercial director of the Company. But the rejuvenation of the Company started first with a change of environment. Forget about the dilapidated premises of the Pont-de-l’Ane area in Saint-Etienne, the production first and the Company administration service then, moved in 2016 in the brand new premises at the Chambon-Feugerolles. “We redo the corporate identity and style guide, and highlighted the modernity of our products,” adds Floriane Vial, supervisor of the Administration and Customers relation department.

A decorative object

“Today, we offer a complete ensemble to our customers, through tendency and customizable colours. The ‘hydrochasse’ becomes a real decorative object”. For the purpose of promoting its products, the Company has done one exhibition after another, dedicated to architecture, design and decoration. “ We meet two types of customers”, explains Bruno Varin. “The renovation work market on the one hand, with our standard series sold in DIY stores, and on the other hand, top of the range products we sold through our collaborators network”. The Company, which employs around ten people, has reached a turnover of 400 000 € in 2016 it aims to double in 2017.



  • 33 Rue Maxime Gorki, 42500 Le Chambon-Feugerolles, France
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