Where the Design of High End Swimming Pools is Headed

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Striking Finishes are In

Building and designing a custom swimming pool gives you the option of creating whatever the heart desires, and there are plenty of styles to choose from. Whether it''s modern, chic, classic or flashy, the range of swimming pool finishes and accessories available from Guncast are guaranteed to make your swimming pool design an imaginative masterpiece.

Another of the latest trends in swimming pool finishes, is glass tiles. The days of bare ceramic tiles are no more. Many pool owners are opting for opulence - with Italian glass mosaics and twinkling tiles in a myriad of rich colours. On top of the obvious aesthetic benefits, glass tiles are also stronger than ceramics, so there''s no need to worry about cracks or breakage either.

Movement is the Future

The moving floor swimming pool is set to get even bigger and better this year. This innovative piece of technology already features in the homes of luxury swimming pool owners across the globe, and it''s easy to see why. The moving floor component offers the option of transforming a swimming pool into extra space for social events, exercise or leisure at the touch of a button. If that''s not high-tech enough though, there''s also the moving wall swimming pool. If the decision of whether to have a swimming pool inside or outside is too overwhelming, with the moving wall swimming pool you can have both.

Up and Coming Luxury Spas

If lavishness is the aim, don''t stop at a swimming pool alone. There is a vast array of indulgent extras to include in a spa system. Guncast can include saunas, steam rooms, plunge pools and even hydrotherapy systems to complete not only an indulgent but also, a truly healthy private retreat. Anyone suffering from aching muscles, injuries, stress or any other ailments will truly benefit from an extended session in a spa by Guncast. Bespoke luxury spas are the perfect addition to the properties of those opting for healthier and more holistic lifestyles.

To find out more about upcoming trends in luxury spa and swimming pool design, contact a Guncast representative.

Where the Design of High End Swimming Pools is Headed

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