You''re Losing Money Not Having a Luxury Swimming Pool at Your Hotel

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According to a recent study by the Hilton Hotel Group, whether or not a hotel or resort features a swimming pool, spa and/or gym is one of the most influential factors considered, when searching for accommodation.

Not only could adding a luxury swimming pool to your list of amenities boost your overall reservations, it would also elevate your establishment into a higher nightly rate bracket; meaning in addition to seeing more guests booking rooms, you will also be able to charge more per stay.

Double up as a Spa

Don''t leave your stunning luxury swimming pool all on its own though; seriously consider adding spa facilities into the mix as well.

Not only does offering a wide array of unique features in your spa help showcase the truly exclusive hospitality business you run, but also, when potential off-season guests see your selection of inviting saunas and steam rooms to warm up their winter chills, they won''t think twice about clicking that ‘book now'' button on your website.

Maximise on Space

Now you see it, now you don''t. If you''re limited on space but still tempted by the financial rewards installing a luxury swimming pool in your hotel has to offer…consider the moving floor swimming pool.

Whether inside or out, this cleverly designed, high-tech swimming pool means that one moment, your guests could be enjoying a cool dip under the summer sun and, shortly after, standing directly above it on a terraced dance floor, boogying to ZZ Top at an outdoor wedding reception.

By having a moving floor swimming pool, you can expect to see both visitors and event planners vying for rooms at your sought-after establishment.

Make More from the Public

Opening your hotel pool to the public may decrease its exclusivity but will definitely bring in more profit. Offering luxury facilities at a price will also increase brand awareness within the local area, giving you an upper hand on the best form of advertising there is: word of mouth.

You''re Losing Money Not Having a Luxury Swimming Pool at Your Hotel

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