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The acoustic facade panel

View, an intelligent green building...

In 2018, the VIEW tertiary building was built at Porte des Lilas in Paris. Designed by the Austrian architectural firm Baumschlager Eberle, this 22,500m² R+6 building was co-built by Nexity and Crédit Agricole Immobilier.

This dragonfly-shaped building is distinguished by its bold architectural design with two organically shaped wings and a reflective west facade clad in glass and metal panels. It can accommodate up to 1,600 employees and offers 450 m² of retail space. It will also offer its future employees a 130-metre-long company restaurant. The VIEW building is perfectly in line with the Paris Climate Plan thanks to its performance.

Energy management allows a saving of more than 40% compared to a reference building RT2012.

Photovoltaic and thermal solar panels ensure a production of around 80 MWh/year, and provide the restaurant with hot water.

VIEW also has a water management capacity, thanks to hydro-economical equipment, plants that promote biodiversity and green roofs that allow rainwater treatment.

The interior is also designed in an ecological way, 85% of the offices are lit by daylight thanks to a 140 m² long glass facade.

All these performances have enabled it to obtain certification (HQE® with an "exceptional" passport, BREEAM international, Effinergie+, RT 2012 -40%)

"Its silhouette recalls the movement of urban flows on the periphery and offers pedestrians a more human face on the street side. »

ANNE SPEICHER Architect, General Manager of the Baumschlager-Eberle agency.

Setting up offices on the edge of the ring road, a challenge taken up with SONORA

Working quietly on the edge of the ring road may seem utopian when you consider that 1.3 million vehicles use it every day.

This building with its moving architecture raises questions... can we work calmly in this environment? The answer is YES thanks to SONORA, the ISOSTA Group's first ultra-acoustic facade panel. With an acoustic attenuation ranging from 36 to 45 dB Ra,tr, the SONORA range is the solution for facades that fight against noise pollution. Ice finish, aluminium sheet, steel sheet or composite aluminium SONORA is available in different finishes to satisfy architects' desires. The ISOSTA Group has invested in research and development to offer a patented solution and under the Technical Advice of the CCFAT (Commission in charge of Formulating Technical Advice).

For the VIEW project, 200 m² of SONORA panels n°6 were installed with an enamelled glass finish RAL 9011. This panel offers a sound insulation of 43 dB Ra,rpm. No more road traffic noise.

In addition to protecting against noise pollution, the façade panels supplied for VIEW had to meet the standards of the IGH (High-rise building). Thus the SONORA panels installed on the façade provide a 1-hour flame-retardant function, and the enamelled glass has also been treated with an HST (Heat Soak Test) for the safety of people.

Mission accomplished by the ISOSTA group to meet the acoustic and safety challenge of the VIEW project.


  • 19 Rue de l'Industrie, 89100 Sens, France