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Mirror of modernity on the NAVAL GROUP website

On 6 September 2019, the NAVAL Group site in Angoulême-Ruelle inaugurated the INNOV'FACTORY. Specialising in strategic equipment for combat systems and platforms for naval ships, 930 employees work on this 16-hectare site.

Innovation and regional partnership

INNOV'FACTORY aims to accelerate the innovation processes within NAVAL GROUP, whether they are technical, technological, organisational or methodological. INNOV'FACTORY also aims to strengthen the regional innovation dynamic. NAVAL GROUP has signed a partnership agreement with the New Aquitaine Region to draw on the territorial ecosystem in order to better meet and anticipate the needs of its customers.

Modernity within a historic site

The site of Angoulême- Ruelle was created in 1751 by the Marquis de Montalembert. A key figure in military engineering, he installed the Ruelle Marine Gun Foundry. There are buildings on the site dating from the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Others, more recent, were built as the site evolved. They are the witnesses of the history of the site.

The INNOV'FACTORY is designed to fit into a place where: the water of the Touvre is omnipresent and plays a structuring role, the depth catches the eye, and the historical heritage reflects a prestigious past.

The architecture of this building, designed by the Sahuc&Katchura architectural firm, is designed to fit into a historic site while reflecting NAVAL GROUP's desire for innovation and modernity.

Resolutely contemporary, the architecture is reminiscent of the longhouse typology of many of the buildings on the site. 200 m² of ECOSTA facade panels with Stopsol Super Silver clear finish and 300 m² of ECOSTA Pyrite-coloured steel sheeting, manufactured by the ISOSTA Group, create a delicate play of reflection and shimmering with the Touvre water.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, ECOSTA opaque façade panels contribute to the thermal and acoustic insulation of the building. Under the CCFAT's Technical Opinion, the ECOSTA facade panels are custom-made according to the project's CCTP: architectural style, thermal and acoustic coefficient, fire resistance (IT 249), personal safety (railing function). These all-in-one, ready-to-install panels facilitate implementation on the building site.

Cutting-edge products such as these 4700 m² dedicated to development and innovation.



Architecture: Sahuc&Katchura

Façade panels: ECOSTA ICE and ECOSTA Sheet Metal ISOSTA Group

Installation of facade panels: Société TROISEL (17)


  • 19 Rue de l'Industrie, 89100 Sens, France
  • Victoria Farcy