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#Product Trends

Discover MALENA #SublimeProvocation

Kaunus presents its new piano artist bench MALENA

Musical storm, Fire & excess, Extreme passion.

I am every person who thinks that more is never enough.

I am a shield of ice, carved with the fragility of a feather.

I am self-confidence.

I am excitement made into art.

I am Malena,

I am #SublimeProvocation.

From the stainless steel structure coated in gloss gold, to the hand-upholstered black velvet seat and the precision of the KHAS System and originality of its “jewel” controls. Like all exclusive processes, like all works of art, each Malena artist bench is assembled by experts hands, taking care of every detail in the process , result in pieces of unique beauty, function and precision.

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Discover MALENA #SublimeProvocation


  • Carrer Camí de Sant Josep, 3, 12005 Castelló de la Plana, Castelló, Spain
  • Kaunus Design