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The restaurant Le Parc, and its new interior

In 2020, the prestigious restaurant Le Parc changes its interior

The intertwined curves of Ondes evoke the surface of water and the depth of the glass is enhanced by dot reflections.

Designed in 2020 by designer Ben Convers for the prestigious Le Parc restaurant in Besançon, Ondes echoes the glass architecture of the restaurant, immersed in nature, which borders and overlooks the nearby river.

The surface of the water, illuminated by deep green and rippled by the wind, is brought inside and adorns the long wall that showcases the open kitchen.

Designed to enhance interiors with its radiant glints. Cutting : wet grinding using a smooth-rim diamond blade.

The restaurant Le Parc, and its new interior


  • 4 Rue de la Verrerie, 70210 Passavant-la-Rochère, France
  • La Rochère