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Formo, Berlin, Germany

Light as a defining design element

Formo, an innovative start-up specialising in the production of non-dairy cheese products made from fermented proteins, is based in a historic warehouse on the banks of the River Spree in Berlin. Following a fundamental rebranding, the company's headquarters were also adapted to the new design language. The renovated premises are no longer just a place to work for the dedicated employees, but also a second home. The Berlin headquarters also plays a central role as a link to the teams at Formo's other locations.

One of the features of the headquarters is Lightnet's Matric G5 light lines in an attractive shade of blue that harmonises perfectly with the Formo logo. These luminaires not only provide professional lighting, but also blend in with the colour palette of the technical equipment. In the offices and meeting rooms, Ringo Star G1 circular pendant luminaires from Lightnet create a pleasant atmosphere while providing optimum illumination of the workstations. In addition, the luminaires support the overall concept of the renowned interior design office Susanne Philippson and emphasise the dominant basic shape - the circle.

Interior design: Planungsbüro Susanne Philippson

Photos: Marvin Schwienheer

Formo, Berlin, Germany


  • Berlin, Germany
  • Lightnet GmbH