NGC Medical Headquarters

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Functional indoor lighting for the new group headquarters

For 30 years it has been a top player on a national level in operating room and haemodynamic service management. Pursuing the company motto of “creating value through quality”, NGC Medical opened its new headquarters and management operational centre in Turate, in the Como province. A hangar that houses various different work environments (from the meeting areas to quality control to the operating room) in dialogue with one another, thanks to a chromatic reference that is deeply tied to the corporate identity.

In the design phase of the new headquarters, handled by the Giuseppe Tortato Architetti firm, the desire was to create a comfortable and productive working atmosphere in every environment.In Linea Light Group, the firm found cutting-edge products and technologies to guarantee uniform general lighting for the transit areas and more calibrated lighting to accommodate the peculiarities of the way the professional spaces are used.

An industrial space with ample floor coverage and very high ceilings, the new NGC Medical headquarters are in a modern building, divided into well defined sections. Given the lack of natural light, a lighting design study that followed the Human Centric Lighting principle was essential, where the purpose of the light is to improve life in each working area. For the entire ground floor, Loro_Q was chosen, a recess-mounted downlight. Also used in the vestibules, as well as in the warehouse and the conference room, it ensures uniform lighting, contributing to the quality of the environments that include it. Another flush-mounted product that was used is Cob44, uniquely practical, installed above all in the sanitary, back office and bathroom areas. On the other hand, Rollip (version 70 and 7035) was used extensively in all the work areas. In the flush-mounted and hanging version, this was the choice that characterises the environments. A distinctive sign for a product with multiple capacities, one of which is its glare coefficient lower than 19. Especially in the ground floor and second floor meeting areas, in the conference room and in the open area with work stations, Rollip is the perfect solution to guarantee excellent visual comfort. Another big protagonist, especially in the reception rooms, is Tour. One of Linea Light Group’s iconic products, here in the hanging version, becomes an functional element in the collective environments. In the network room, we find Box, accompanied in the guest area by Shaker, an adjustable projector useful for correct harmonic lighting.

Last, but not least, representing i-LèD Industrial are Edith and Alix double. Edith is a ceiling lamp with body in aluminium and PMMA micro prismatic diffuser, predominantly present in the warehouse, the showroom and the quality control area. Alix double, on the other hand, is a waterproof light fixture in the air-lock areas and technical services rooms. For support in the same areas, MyWhite was also placed.

Architect: Giuseppe Tortato Architetti Firm

Photos: Carola Merello

NGC Medical Headquarters

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