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Indoor and outdoor lighting in the heart of Islamic culture

The Sharjah Mosque project involved the indoor and outdoor lighting of the entire holy complex. The functionality of the location was ensured by the use of products with indirect emission of 2700K colour temperature light. These measures prevent glaring for the worshippers, thereby creating the ideal intimate setting for times of prayer. Various Linea Light Group products were used in standard and customised version, depending on the technical lighting needs.

In the landscape around the mosque, we find Bond_Pro, a bollard in custom version, and Shaker, an outdoor projector that provides light effects capable of enhancing the areas around the building. Also outdoors, we find two more products dedicated to the description of the walls, the façades and the minaret towers. We’re talking about Xenia and Archiline, linear elements for the outdoors that illuminate and outline the unique details of the mosque’s Arab architecture. As we approach the building, we can see Fasim J, an adjustable uplight for outdoor use that illuminates the columns located at the main entrance. Its particular optics provide a scenic and uniform distribution of the light upward.

For the columns at the rear of the mosque, on the other hand, the Vedette wall-mounted fixture was selected because, due to architectural needs, recessed uplights could not be installed. Zalex and Suelo, both outdoor uplights, were the wayfinding technical lighting solution to welcome worshippers at the gates (entrances) of the mosque. Once inside, in the common areas and the holy rooms (room of the Muezzin), three high lighting performance downlights were used: Loro, LV54 and Quantum.

Last, but not least, the spectacular terraces that overlook the landscape of the architectural complex are illuminated by Paseo, a recessed linear profile. With asymmetric optics, this product was customised to meet the needs of the technical lighting project.

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Sharjah Mosque

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