Sedus Showroom

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Designing functional workplaces

A large, multi-purpose space, equipped with just as many technical lighting solutions. The large dimension Tour suspensions (up to 250cm) create a first layer on two levels which highlights the work stations and the company products. In the informal areas, Poe suspensions were dropped over the tables with special drivers to reduce glare. Optus, a high chromatic yield projector, best describes the nuances of the materials used on the large, textured wall that becomes the curtain in contrast with the entire showroom. The meeting room integrates double-emission general lighting, obtained with the hanging Oxygen units, with black finish. To balance it out, a perimeter light gives the entire area personality thanks to the micro recessed 6W Warp units.

Flows, optics, and the colour of the light are the result of design choices proposed and packaged thanks to a painstaking job of natural light and artificial lighting design.

There are no home automation or dimming controls managed with brightness sensors, as they are not necessary. The best colour temperature to take advantage of the environment proved to be 3000K, based on the yield of the products/materials being lighted.

Lighting designer: Light+Arch Consultancy, Milan

Sedus Showroom

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