A private villa

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In Russia, Yekaterinburg is not only known as the main industrial and cultural hub of the Ural region but also for Pine Creek, a residential “village” not too far away where, in May 2013, the Pine Creek Golf Resort was officially inaugurated, as the first and only world-class 18-hole golf course in this part of Russia. It is precisely in this wonderful context that stands a private villa in the shape of a yacht, with large windows and panoramic terraces overlooking the field, designed by Architect Maxim Poroshin.

The project was designed with a nod to the surrounding environment. The result is a home bounded by greenery and built with natural materials such as wood for perfect integration. The lighting project, developed by the lighting designer Elena Godova of the Professional Architectural Light Studio in Yekaterinburg, also aimed to create delicate and detailed lighting that emphasises the outdoor areas and the architecture of the building. The result is an elegant and modern atmosphere that both emphasises and is exalted by the context in which it is located. In a continuous exchange of splendours thanks to the lighting techniques.

The lighting designer selected a range of Linea Light Group products, starting with the Ryo bollard, for example, used to illuminate the scenographic central staircase and the pathways leading to the home. Used in the version with a height of 82 cm, the Ryo stands out because of its modern and linear design as well as due to one particular feature: the emission of the LED light source is conveyed along the recess of the stem that is animated by light distributed along the ground with a 180-degree radius, with no upward light pollution. Recessed into the wooden ceiling of the porch, Guardian is the most effective and specific downlight for outdoor use thanks to the 4 available optics, the high degree of power that allows it to be used even from significant heights and above all, thanks to the AquaStop® system that renders it resistant even in the most humid environments. One last positive note? No maintenance is required, being yet another reason why it is highly appreciated by designers.

Going up to the second floor, the panoramic terraces are illuminated by the Suelo uplight. Efficient, versatile and safe, it is able to satisfy any design requirement whilst ensuring high visual comfort thanks to the black silk-screened protective screen. Also on the second floor, there is a lounge area embellished by the Vedette_R (double emission) wall lamp, with a minimal and contemporary design, installed on the supports of the platform roof. Its warm light is perfect for accentuating the building’s architecture. Finally, to highlight the pillars located along the wall surrounding the residence in glass salvaged from bottles, the linear element Xenia was chosen which, available in various versions, satisfies all lighting requirements. Then there is the Gardener projector, simply and effectively jointed to be reliable and versatile, here used to enhance the trees in the garden. The aluminium body includes an arrayLED, with a tilting head that turns up to 150°, thanks to the central body that acts as a pivot. The slightly set-back optical unit also prevents glare. The result is an evocative and elegant atmosphere.

The Cem_WF wall lamp installed in the garage area completes the lighting project. With a concrete body, Cem exploits the potential of LED technology and offers oblique yet diffused lighting effects that are particularly suited to illuminating pathways.


Architecture project: Maxim Poroshin

Project and lighting design: Elena Godova, Professional Architectural Light Studio

Photo: Vladimir Koshkin

Products: Suelo, Xenia, Ryo, Gardener, Vedette_R double, Guardian, Cem_WF

Year: 2021

A private villa

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