Frantoio Centumbrie

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A land, Umbria, and the story of two historic families that – together – traverse a hundred locations.

Here, Centumbrie is not simply a name but a place that conceals a profound bond with the territory, sealed through the creation of a site where “matters of the heart” are worked. Indeed, Centumbrie is a latest-generation, innovative and technological oil mill, where high-quality extra-virgin olive oils are produced. But this mill is also home to a café-pâtisserie-bakery, where the organic flours used in the recipes of the baked goods take form. It is an Evo Bistro, located within the oil mill, where Umbrian cuisine meets unusual and exotic flavours yet where the absolute protagonist is oil.

Centumbrie was built on the foundations of a very large and complex project at the hand of Architect Gianmarco Balucani, who designed a real destination, perfectly integrated into the surrounding Umbrian countryside. The result is a complex structure comprised of several buildings, equipped with high energy efficiency and an electricity supply hailing from renewable sources. The amount of waste of water has been reduced to a minimum for the oil production phases. The olive pits (as waste from the olive processing) are exploited to heat the structures, whilst electricity is produced by transferring the pomace to a biodigester. Even the materials used – such as the weathering steel which, with its particular burnished chromatic shades, becomes one with the countryside – have been carefully chosen to minimise the impact on the environmental and landscape. Perfectly in line with this philosophy, the lighting study developed by Prait, an integrated engineering company that carries out installation and lighting design, saw the use of numerous professional solutions from Linea Light Group.

Frantoio Centumbrie

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