Villa Sarah

Maestri del Cotto
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Terracotta floors for a wonderful Villa on the hill in front of the historic Towers of San Giminiano

The dimension of the ancient, for a renovation of this kind, is undoubtedly essential.

Not surprisingly, Villa Iris is obtained from the meticulous restoration of an ancient brick kiln of 1737.

Gabriele, owner and exquisite person, wanted the floor to respect the ancient traditions of handmade terracotta.

Even for the rooms, the choice of this finish was really spot on and in perfect harmony with the furniture and architectural details.

The restorations with authentic and recycled materials are constantly evolving, and in this chaste case it is admirable to see how tradition is combined with contemporary design, for an extraordinary result to say the least.

On the ground floor there is also a well equipped kitchen made with blocks of Carrara marble in perfect combination with the terracotta floors.

The splendid porch was also covered with terracotta tiles in Cotto Antico Buttero Multicolor.

Villa Sarah

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