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The most exquisite Drink Cabinets

Create a wow factor in your living room with these amazing Drink Cabinets!

Csarite Cabinet
Csarite Cabinet

Csarite is ten thousand times rarer than a diamond! Csarite is a variety of Diaspore discovered in Turkey. Allied to functionality, the Csarite Drinks Cabinet exudes sensations and marks moments. The greatness of the porcelain, the strength of the American Walnut and the richness of the gold leaf combined with the tranquility of the blue tones give this cabinet a fresh and elegant look. A strong combination of materials transforms this piece into a visual composition designed to enhance any space.

Peridot Cabinet

Peridot is the gem of spirit and expression. The Egyptians called it the “gem of the sun.” Today this gem is still prized for its restful yellowish green hues and long history. With a unique shape, this cabinet combines different types of materials like American Walnut and Leather representing its personality, beauty and opulence. This lust piece captures the attention in any interior decoration, such as the gemstone with its physical beauty.

Ametrine Cabinet

Ametrine, one of the rarest types of transparent quartz, combines two colors: amethyst’s purple and citrine’s orange-to-yellow, growing together in a single crystal. Inspired by this gem, our cabinet features different colors and materials. Ametrine cabinet will bring instant charisma to any interior design!

Sunstone Cabinet

Sunstone is a joyful stone because it reflects the qualities of light. It invites you to be open, warm, kind and it brings a willingness to give joy and happiness to others. Sunstone is also a stone of romance. The Sunstone cabinet is omnipotent and brings a vibrant and luminous design to home decor. Feel the vibes of Sunstone, a piece that invigorates the body, mind and soul.

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