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Opificio 22/A

A collection with an industrial-chic charm

The ability of Panaria Ceramica to interpret the most modern expressions of living has culminated in its latest cement effect collection Opificio 22/A. The name pays tribute to the Finale Emilia address where in 1974 the company first began. Panaria thus celebrates a long story of tradition and ceramic passion.

An allusion to those industrial, primordial premises and to a ceramic legacy handed down from generation to generation, which renews itself by seamlessly combining the capacity to capture the style of the moment and bring it to life using the most modern production technologies.

The collection presented in the traditional thicknesses 8 mm, 10 mm and 11mm, together with 20 mm for outdoor areas, presents its cement effect in five neutral tonalities: from the white of Gesso, to the beige of Argilla, the grey and warm grey of Calce and Terra, up to the anthracite of Cenere.

Variegated decorative options inspired by the allure of cement tiles (format 20x20 cm) further enrich its personality. With five different patterns ranging from more traditional designs to geometric patterns with a more contemporary spirit, there is a vast array of surface options. Add to this undecorated cement tiles, designed to confer movement upon walls or create single-colour flooring, a decoration inspired by graffiti or more classic floor and mosaic.

The vast range of formats (90x90 cm; 60x60 cm; 30x60 cm; 20x20 cm), thicknesses and tonalities make Opificio 22/A a complete proposal, suitable for all kinds of design requirements, for residential or public interiors, combining the authentic material of inspiration with the resistance and functionality of ceramics. These include the antibacterial properties of PROTECT, the exclusive range of PANARIAGROUP projects designed with Microban® with an anti-bacterial shield integrated already in the firing stage, eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces.

Gesso Naturale 60x60 -  Muretto Gesso Naturale 30x60 - Terra Naturale 60x60


  • Italy
  • Panaria Ceramica