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Home Terraces and Balconies: The simple pleasure of relaxing in open-air spaces

From small balconies to large terraces, outdoor spaces add significant value to a home

Now, like never before has the importance of having access to a domestic area which allows us to maintain contact with the outside world been so important. From small balconies to large terraces, outdoor spaces add significant value to a home, often serving as open-air living rooms in which to relax.

One of the most essential elements to consider when designing or renovating an outdoor space, is the appropriate flooring, one that is capable of guaranteeing not only the highest quality and technical performance, but also a stylistic variety that is increasingly in keeping with one’s tastes and style, even when it comes to balconies or terraces.

Panaria Ceramica, the historic brand with a distinct vocation to focus on the residential sector, which by tradition develops solutions capable of satisfying every need and interpreting the most contemporary trends, offers a wide range of collections ideal for outdoor spaces such as terraces and balconies.

Panaria’s 20 mm thick porcelain stoneware, as well as several of its products with standard thicknesses yet with surface treatments created specifically for exteriors, are the cutting-edge solutions for outdoor spaces, guaranteeing unlimited duration with zero worries.

We are talking about a range of surfaces that are resistant to frost and thermal shock, as well as to moulds, stains, and salt. These products provide greater slip-resistance, are easy to clean and are structurally and chromatically resistant in time. All to further enhance life in the open air, with high-quality collections that are perfect for furnishing outdoor domestic spaces.

Furthermore, Panaria’s entire range of products offers a wide selection of available colours, finishes, and sizes. A vast array of unique solutions to enhance both balconies and terraces, while also maintaining a seamless design and a pleasant harmony with the other spaces in the home, given that all of the exterior flooring products can always be paired with specific products for interiors.

Guided by an outstanding ability to transform raw materials into unique and original products, the brand has studied the most ancient and unique rock formations in order to create highly appealing collections. Pierre des Rêves is a collection of stone-effect surfaces that lend an attractive rustic look to outdoor spaces.

This series is available in both traditional and 20mm thickness, in different sizes and surfaces, and is designed to respond to the requirements of outdoor products, without relinquishing an extremely personalised laying arrangement.

Bioarch inspired by Bargiolina, a natural quartz from Piedmont that comes in delicate nuances of yellow and grey, is the perfect collection for terraces in which one wishes to maintain a connection to the natural world, through hues and textures that are inspired by nature, despite being an expression of technology and innovation.

For those who prefer a contemporary metropolitan style, one that is synonymous with modernity and which features simple contours and colours, Panaria Ceramica proposes Urbanature, a cement-effect ceramic product perfect for cladding any contemporary and open-air relaxation space.

Memory Mood is the perfect solution for open-air spaces in which one wishes to create an intimate and welcoming space with a vintage look. A tactful series in which modern and classical styles blend, evoking both nostalgia and a contemporary touch.

The warmth and purity of wood-effect surfaces are provided by Nuance, a product created specifically for clean and uncluttered terraces and balconies with a soft and variegated design, perfect for creating continuity with the flooring of the entire home.

Panaria Ceramica offers a wide range of products and solutions that meet every kind of design requirement and inspiration, to create exquisite terraces and balconies on which to safely enjoy moments of wellness and relaxation.


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