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Enjoy outdoor living! The living area moves outdoors

How to transform your outdoor areas into authentic 'living areas'

Inhale the cool evening air or the early morning breeze, enjoy the warmth of the sun and relax outdoors, alone or in company. This can be achieved by transforming the outdoor areas of the house, whether they are small terraces, gardens or large spaces with swimming pools, into authentic outdoor living areas that extend beyond the interiors and can be equipped with everything you need as though they were extra rooms.

However, it is not always easy to organise this kind of environment, just as it is not easy to create the outdoor room that you have in mind. Here are some useful tips to get you started.

1. A focus on comfort

Mesh and canvas poufs, armchairs and sofas in neutral tones, alongside teak tables and shelves can be the most elegant and refined solution, especially if you want to give the space a particularly sophisticated touch. Wood and wicker suspension chairs are particularly recommended for maximum relaxation, as well as a cheerful hammock, perhaps redesigned with a modern twist. For added convenience you can opt for strong and lightweight aluminium furnishings that can be combined with high-quality plastic sun beds and chairs in more vibrant colours, creating a fun and inspiring space.

2. A good cover for the social area

It is obviously essential to include covers for protecting people from the sun, ranging from classic umbrellas to gazebos and pergolas with adjustable slats: solutions that are also useful for highlighting certain attractions in the garden or terrace, beneath which you can position a dining table to share cheerful and festive moments with friends. Storage units are another important addition: they can be used to store garden equipment, but also towels, swimming pool equipment and dishes for outdoor snacks.

3. Mood lighting

Choose just a few elements that create atmosphere, without excessive light, which should never be too abundant or over-the-top, but calibrated to your needs. For the table, you will need a direct and more dominant light source that is nonetheless soft and faint in order to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. More precise elements can be arranged on shelves and tables to enhance the magic of the space.

4. Finally, the most important element: the flooring.

Whether you opt for wood-effect or stone-effect, antique or ultra-modern surfaces, based on your tastes and personality, the recommended solution is 20 mm-thick porcelain stoneware flooring, whose high technical performance guarantees an unlimited duration and a seamless design. Essential features include a non-slip surface and resistance to frost, temperature changes and mould. There is a very wide range of colours and effects that offers abundant inspiration for setting up a customised and original outdoor living area.

The Pierre des Rêves line offers stone-effect surfaces that are ideal for giving your outdoor surfaces a pleasant rustic style.


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