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Via Maestra: the unique character of a “mother” collection inspired by stone.

Panaria Ceramica skilfully combines vein patterns, contrasts and depth for an ancient material surface.

Via Maestra, Panaria Ceramica’s new stone-effect collection, expresses the brand’s sophisticated ability to harmonise natural elements for a result with a unique, majestic character, the emblem of a “mother” collection.

The vein patterns that cross the surface consist of light, subtle, shaded marks that create movement, depth and a three-dimensional effect. Lighter streaks create a delicate and elegant contrast with the darker sections, drawing the eye into the densest and deepest heart of the material to convey the sense of a path beaten by time, but known, familiar and reassuring.

The result is an aesthetic oriented towards the image of ancestral land, observed from a distant, high, contemporary perspective. Via Maestra evokes the concept of a primitive surface marked by natural elements. A deep evocation of our origins, helping to create home environments with a positive, relaxing, welcoming neutrality.

The new collection is the expression of an evolving material designed to build spaces in which coverings assume an architectural value and adapt to any context, both indoors and outdoors. The wide range creates a modular system that can interpret different spaces with a great personality.

Size is a key strength. The large formats reduce joints, making the surfaces uniform and providing a discreet and elegant backdrop to accommodate and enhance the details that make every place in the home special. This is perfectly in line with the latest trends, which favour large and seamless surfaces that respond to the minimal aesthetics of part of contemporary design. Those looking for further customisation can opt instead for a multi-format combination that produces very characterful creative and varied applications.

Outdoors, a seamless transition is created with the colours and effects of earth and stone, perfectly blending into the environment without adding artificiality. Via Maestra accompanies the route in a natural way, as if it had always been there, reminding us of ancient paths suddenly brought to light.

Regular cuts but with a surprising final effect that has a delicate, yet bold aesthetic. An aesthetic that complements itself, that becomes a “Maestra”, a point of reference for future explorations.

The four colours designed for Via Maestra explore delicate tones in harmony with the aesthetic stimulation offered by nature: Percorsi, inspired by the purity of white, Tragitti, for a choice of beige colours, Cammini, with light grey shades and Paesaggi, in which grey becomes more intense.

The collection is available in two versions: Naturale, with a soft surface that is remarkably resistant to wear and water absorption, and Strutturata, which is very rough and matt, particularly recommended as an outdoor flooring solution. There is also a wide range of formats ranging from 30x60 cm to 120x120 cm.

Finally, the decorations are completed by the most expressive version of leaves finished with a gold or silver effect to embellish the walls of the most sophisticated rooms. The new collection therefore responds to the search for naturalness, to the need to bring new aesthetic codes linked to the most organic materials into the home and beyond in order to add an element of consistency and connection with the earth with a refined and contemporary approach.

Technical details:

• Colours: PERCORSI (white), TRAGITTI (beige), CAMMINI (light grey), PAESAGGI (mid-grey)

• Type/ Size/ Surface

o Traditional porcelain stoneware (9 mm):

 120x120 cm, 60x120 cm, 60x60 cm: 30X60 cm: Naturale

 60X120 cm, 60X60 cm, 40X60 cm, 30x60 cm: Strutturata

o 20 mm porcelain stoneware

 60x90 cm: Strutturata

• Decorations:

• FOGLIA ORO 60x120 cm available in the Percorsi and Tragitti version

• FOGLIA ARGENTO 60x120 cm available in the Cammini and Paesaggi version

• INTARSI 60x120 cm available in all colours

• MURETTO 30x60 cm available in all colours

• MOSAICO 30x30 cm available in all colours

All formats are rectified

Via Maestra: the unique character of a “mother” collection inspired by stone.


  • Via Panaria Bassa, 41030 Modena MO, Italy
  • Panaria Ceramica