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The new collection of Panaria Ceramica wall coverings features a combination of colours and textures with a handcrafted style.

A very popular trend in recent years, colourful walls are an excellent trick for making a space less predictable and giving it an original and high-quality look that revolutionizes the general impression. No longer a secondary ingredient and an accessory to styles and furnishings, but a true design material, colour has now become the key element in highly customized solutions, a design tool that differentiates functions, calibrates rooms and adds character. Treat yourself to a splash of colour: a graphic experiment allows you to enhance the depth of the space and paves the way to thousands of developments for easy and dynamic furnishing solutions.

With the new Wallcraft collection, Panaria Ceramica once again reaffirms its ability to interpret the most contemporary styles with sophisticated, refined and meticulously designed solutions. A range of soft colours combined with tactile textures results in stylish, elegant and very visually striking coverings that lighten the walls, lending them character and softness.

The Wallcraft surfaces acquire the strength and presence of real furnishing elements thanks to their colours, offering a new surface solution that evokes the style and quality of handcrafted products thanks to a plaster-glazed effect and decorations that can fill the spaces, making them welcoming, warm and harmonized with the personality of those who live there.

Available in a large format (35x100 cm), Wallcraft is characterized by dusty, delicate shades that give interiors a soft warmth, featuring a hyper-tested and sophisticated mix that can be combined with many styles. 7 different shades (Wax, Vanilla, Spring, Mint, Gem, Tan and Wave) forming a palette that should be thoroughly explored to make the most of the house. The simple and stylish range of colours is an invitation to embrace elegance and understatement, mixed with geometric and floral patterns for a great end result.

The surfaces are matt: a choice that makes it possible to fully enhance sensory associations such as the grain of plaster or texture of fabric.

Boasting extremely versatile decorations, with a creative approach inspired by geometric patterns, floral themes and three-dimensional reliefs, Wallcraft is perfectly suited to the most contemporary and minimal spaces, as well as in those with more classic and timeless interior choices. Its decorative range encompasses three different styles: floral decoration, which includes Bloom in its double version, Cold, inspired by a china effect and Warm, which creates a more romantic atmosphere with its large flowers.

The geometric decorations include Impulse and Gallery, which highlight a woven effect with their texture and an abstract geometric pattern with their style. Both are a valid alternative to solid colours and floral patterns and are well-suited for use on specific sections of wall or for entire rooms to create lively and dynamic effects. Enigma, finally, is the decoration that echoes the background shades, highlighting the fabric element. For a tone-on-tone result that stands out for its seamless look.

With the launch of Wallcraft, Panaria confirms its position as a benchmark in the field of sophisticated and trendy wall coverings, adding another solution to its catalogue collections, such as Even, which is rich and versatile thanks to its six solid colour variations and wide selection of decorative motifs, and the more recent Glam, the innovative reinterpretation of wallpaper featuring floral and geometric decorations, which can create unique and evocative spaces.

The collection presents a wide and varied range of surfaces that do not change appearance over time and it includes shades that have not been previously explored by the brand, which increasingly offers collections for every type of environment, whether residential or commercial. Wallcraft can be perfectly combined with other Panaria Ceramica collections, ensuring an open dialogue between products and the ability to freely combine a wide and varied range of solutions.

Technical details

• Format and thickness: 35x100 cm; thickness 10.5mm

• Colours: Wax, Vanilla, Spring, Mint, Gem, Tan, Wave

• Decorative themes: Bloom Cold, Bloom Warm, Impulse, Gallery, Enigma



  • 41034 Finale Emilia, Province of Modena, Italy
  • Panaria Ceramica