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Pedrali collection staged in Stockholm

The Italian company takes part in the 71st edition of Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

For the 12th year, Pedrali takes part in the 2023 edition of Stockholm Furniture Fair, the leading Scandinavian event for the interior design and lighting.

From 7 to 11 February, the Italian company presents its latest collections through the booth located in Hall A07:12.

The expositive space is set up as a main volume, defined by longitudinal sections and slender, stylised archetypal columns with a graphical design marked by a terracotta-coloured band that features discontinuously on the walls. This element is then taken up on the inner walls and flooring, in continuity with the outside.

The booth brings to life three different scenes where the products are placed on a raised platform.

The workspaces is defined today by new cross and hybrid areas. Pedrali recreates two welcoming environments, characterised by higher quality and aesthetic care; spaces that can be quickly and easily reconfigured, with modular partitions between individual workstations and collaborative areas.

The Polar armchairs and the Temps low back chair, by Jorge Pensi Design Studio, take centre stage in an office with multiple workstations.

The concept of a smart, dynamic workspace is brought to life by the Arki-Table Adjustable Desk, which allows you to work both standing and sitting, thus ensuring optimal comfort and ergonomics, and by Ypsilon Connect, designed by Jorge Pensi Design Studio, a functional free standing, sound absorbing space divider.

The setting is complemented by Hevea, designed by Victoria Azadinho Bocconi, the complement conceived to bring nature indoors.

The Toa table and the sound-absorbing Toa Folding Screen, both designed by Robin Rizzini, fit in the second setting with the Babila XL armchairs, by Odo Fioravanti.

The third scene recreates a lounge area featuring Jeff, the modular sofa system designed by Patrick Norguet.

Being aware that the line between the indoors and outdoors is becoming increasingly blurred, Pedrali recreates an outdoor area characterised by a luxuriant green wall. Here the Reva Cocoon by Patrick Jouin and the Nolita sofa by CMP Design, together with the Panarea lounge armchair, also designed by CMP Design, and the Caementum tables by Marco Merendi & Diego Vencato give life to an outdoor living designed to offer convivial and relaxing moments in the open air.

The Souvenir collection designed by Eugeni Quitllet, the Elliot tables by Patrick Jouin and the Giravolta lamps designed by Basaglia Rota Nodari, fit into this context as well. This new version of the lamp is characterised by a touch control and three light intensities.

The central area of the stand features the Buddyhub collection by Busetti Garuti Redaelli, also available in the Buddyhub desk version, both characterised by a perimeter sound-absorbing panel that embraces the seat in a sort of enclosed niche. Here the Elinor low back, designed by Claudio Bellini, incorporates the different attitudes and approaches to working life looking to the future.

Space to Héra armchairs by Patrick Jouin, the Blume upholstered chairs by Sebastian Herkner, and Nym Soft armchair by CMP Design, subtly accentuating and enhancing its comfort.


  • 24050 Mornico Al Serio BG, Italy
  • Pedrali