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Entrance area Sagrada Familia with PETRAL raised floors

A prestigious references for PETRAL in Barcellona

Inside the historic building designed by Antoni Gaudì, the "Sagrada Familia", an impressive building still under construction, PETRAL supplied and installedthe raised floors for visitors' accesses. This iconic building, symbol of the city of Barcelona, became a UNESCO heritage site in 1984 and is today the most visited tourist destination in Spain with over 3.2 million visitors a year. PETRAL raised floors have been chosen for their performance characteristics suitable for daily high traffic, they will in fact be trampled by over 8.000 visitors a day. There are two areas: individual accesses and group access, both also for security checks and built in the area below the stairway located on the side of the "Nativity Façade" in front of Plaza Gaudì. The choice of materials was based on BRICKTILE panels with grey porcelain stoneware finishing and ST2 structure, all to cope with the heavy traffic in these areas.


  • 08025 Barcelona, Spain
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