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Planium introduces the sweetness and warmth of copper. The oldest, the red metal owes its history to the myth of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty.

Copper has a variety of destinations: for its healing properties it is used in medicine, for its bacteriostatic properties it is used in cooking, for its beauty it is used in jewelry and decoration. Essential in many industrial applications, it is an excellent conductor.

100% recyclable, it can be used and transformed countless times. Planium embraces copper in the production of surfaces for architecture and contract.

The copper finish complements both aesthetically and functionally with the environment, it adapts to classic or modern, retro or avant-garde backgrounds. Its brightness enhances space and furnishings.

Available with SistemaMen EVOLUTION, PL01 INVISIBLE (7mm thickness) and with their variants SKIN (5mm thickness), standard size 60x60cm.

The flooring systems Planium offer extreme versatility. The pose is dry, ie they do not require adhesives; therefore, they can be quickly positioned and repositioned in different contexts. The areas are immediately functional, eliminating the waiting time; the systems also guarantee sound absorption, always ensuring maximum comfort. The materials, which Planium uses for its products, are recyclable and, therefore, environmentally friendly. Copper, in particular, for its characteristics is bacteriostatic, an excellent conductor and eternal.


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