Stammtisch, design Alfredo Häberli

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How it started

Back in 2012 we asked Swiss / Argentinian designer Alfredo Häberli to create a very social table for our collection, to be used in the home and project market.

Häberli’ s inspiration came from the tables for the regular visitors of a cafe around 1920. Relaxed atmosphere, oval shape, feet on a footrest bar.

A striking element of the STAMMTISCH table is the engineering construction of the chassis. The light wood and laser cut sheet steel feel sophisticated and familiar at the same time. The wooden legs are connected to the metal frame like the handgrip to a knife. Quoting this Swiss symbol par excellence - the knife - gives the table a recognizable and playful appearance. Another subtle detail is the edge of the table top: the edges are not simply vertical, but their angle seems to move outwards at both ends, while moving slightly inwards at the sides.

The Stammtisch with its original oval shape has been elected Winner of the Interior Innovation Award in 2013 by the German Design Council. Later, we developed rectangular versions, a round version with another base and very large sizes for use in projects.

About the designer:

Alfredo Häberli was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1964. Today, he is an internationally established designer based in Zurich and is working for some of the leading companies of the international design industry such as Alias, BD Barcelona, BMW, Camper, FSB, Georg Jensen, Iittala, Kvadrat, Luceplan, Moroso, Schiffini and Vitra. He manages to unite tradition with innovation, joy and energy in his designs and his work is strongly influenced by his early childhood in Argentina as well as his curiousness and studies in everyday life. The results are works with a strong expression and emotionality. Alfredo Häberli's work and designs have been shown in numerous exhibitions throughout Europe and he has received many awards for his work.

Stammtisch table by Alfredo Häberli for Quodes
Stammtisch table by Alfredo Häberli for Quodes

The original oval shape. In this image 400 cm long in ash wood.

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