Villa Cavrois

Raphaël Armand
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Robert Mallet Stevens

Lighting fixtures, clocks of the Villa Cavrois



"Mansion for a large family. Mansion for a family 1934’s family : air, light, work, sport, saving ; that was the plan”

Rob. Mallet Stevens, 1932, Une Demeure

This restoration has been led by Centre des Monuments Nationaux. Since 2012, Villa Cavrois has benefited from the global program "Iconic Houses" working for the preservation of emblematic houses of the twentieth century.

Villa Cavrois, la chambre du jeune homme.
Villa Cavrois, la chambre du jeune homme.

Luminaires et horlogerie: Raphaël Armand Luminaires

La Villa Cavrois de Robert Mallet Stevens à Croix

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