The Ritmonio solutions for a tailor made shower & wellness experience.

Rubinetterie Ritmonio Srl
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Shower & Wellness

Organizing in a functional and pleasant way the shower room means that you can enjoy an authentic comfort experience.

Thanks to the vast amount of available combinations offered by Ritmonio’s products, it is possible to design a customized environment: shower heads, shower columns, waterfalls and thermostatic mixers are perfect to satisfy every need.

The Company has always taken into consideration the sensations, the perceptions and the positive emotions felt by the people within the shower area in order to be able to offer flexible, versatile, linear and refined solutions, easily adaptable to different contexts, whether it is a home or a spa.

Recently revised in order to grant a total custom made experience, the Comandi Wellness line meets every need and allows you to create your own perfect combination in a flexible manner.

For some series, like DOT316, Taormina, Haptic, Diametro35 and Diametro35 Inox, there are coordinated and aesthetically pleasant handles. For all the others, minimal and neutral handles with round or squared shapes have been created in order to adapt to different forms.

The contemporary use of several exits guarantees an exceptional water flow rate superior to 50l/m: a new equilibrium between beauty and well-being which creates evocative sceneries and offers a unique wellness experience.

The Comandi Wellness can be vertically or horizontally installed, have universal inner parts without finishing and can have unique or separate plates. They can be easily installed and inspected and they are water resistant thanks to the waterproof shell which avoids water infiltrations in case of water loss.

There are several types of cromotherapy shower heads available: the rain, waterfall or fine mist spray jets release the energy of the water combined with coloured lights, amplifying the pleasure of the user.

Thanks to their essential shapes, also the shower columns provide the bathroom with a great look, glamorous and refined at the same time.

Through design and a new space perception, Ritmonio makes the user and his habits at the centre of the attention and confirms itself as ambassador of innovations, providing interpretations of style that become trends. A partner able to provide a great support for the design of wellness areas.

The Ritmonio solutions for a tailor made shower & wellness experience.

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