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Nearly 300 SANY machines involved in China-Laos Railway project


On December 3, the China-Laos Railway, which connects Kunming and Vientiane, officially opened for public use and the transport of goods.

Running 1,035 km, the electric passenger and freight railway slashes the transport and travel time between the two cities to as little as 10 hours and, according to the World Bank, will bring about a potential long-term increase in aggregate income in Laos by up to 21 percent.

Making up the largest proportion of the fleet, SANY equipment was seen everywhere along the railway, being involved in all tasks required by the project including tunneling, bridging and the construction of other supporting facilities.

The 1,652-meter-long Ban Na Han Mekong River Bridge, with the highest pier shafts and longest span, posed the most difficulty to SANY’s equipment in pile founding and concrete-pouring work.

During the several-year-long construction period, the “World Pump Kings” and SANY’s cranes performed well and with stability by proven operators.

Konglang Village Tunnel, stretching 9,296 m, runs through four fault zones. The complexity of the local geographical features posed a high risk of landslides during equipment operation throughout the project.

Facing such danger, SANY excavators demonstrated flexibility and efficiency, holing through hills with a zero-accident rate.


  • Shanghai, China
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