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“Star of the Month” for June - The “All Rounder”

Liu Jun, who joined SANY in 2010, has been at the company’s global front lines working as a service engineer.

Liu’s expertise covers nearly all main product lines, including concrete machinery, road machinery, excavators and cranes. Rich in experience gained from the China-Laos Railway project, the Tokyo Olympics Stadium project and global dealer support work, Liu is now the team leader in the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway project.

On May 3, a client in Palembang, Indonesia reported that one of his Concrete Batching Plants from another brand kept tripping and thus cause concrete not to be produced normally. The client made over 20 calls to the manufacturer’s service center with no success in identifying the fault.

On a tight deadline, the client reached out to Liu Jun, a SANY service engineer whom he knew to be widely specialized, exceptionally warm hearted and trustworthy.

The result proved to be satisfactory. Through remote guidance, it took Liu just 20 minutes to locate the fault: when the stirring host was initiated, the contactor burned out. After replacing the contactor, the Concrete Batching Plant regained its normal production.

“Star of the Month” for June - The “All Rounder”


  • Changsha, Hunan, China
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