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“Star of the Month” for July - "The fearless One”

Cheng Jiangshan, 36, joined SANY in May 2008 as a graduate student.

He has dedicated 14 years to developing and improving his expertise in service engineering with SANY, especially in excavators and cranes. With an excellent track record, he was put in charge of the service work in the war zone of the northern Congo (DRC), where he is now managing the local dealer network.

On May 25th, Cheng received a call in the night from a client about a stalled SY750 excavator in Likasi, Congo (DRC). The severe lack of law enforcement in this war-stricken area would have made passers-by easy targets for local bandits en route to the excavator’s location. In light of this, remote guidance was attempted first, in which a preliminary diagnosis was given:

1.the pilot switch might have broken

2.the pilot solenoid valve might have gotten stuck or lost power

3. the power for the main pump, pilot pump or cooling pump might have gone out

However, after several failed attempts to recover the excavator despite the video instruction, the client had to request an on-site service call. Considering the potential losses that could be caused by prolonged down time, Engineer Cheng rushed to the site that night and quickly pinpointed the cause: a damaged and grounded cooling pump.

As noted by the client, Cheng set an example as the type of service engineer one should strive to become: one with both the skills and spirit of excellence and service.

“Star of the Month” for July - "The fearless One”


  • Changsha, Hunan, China
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