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Privacy and Natural Light with Glass Blocks

It is no secret that the natural transparency of glass blocks can make any space brighter and more welcoming. They are the perfect design element for small or enclosed areas, transmitting natural light from one space to another to create open and airy interiors.

For projects with special needs, such as maximizing natural light while maintaining separation and intimacy, Seves Glassblock has created specific glass designs and finishes for varying levels of brightness and privacy.

For brilliantly bright rooms, the wavy or 3D glass designs have a unique texture that masks what’s going on behind the scenes, while optimizing the passage of natural or artificial light. The innovative Doric glass block - tailor made by architect Rafael Moneo and now available in standard 19x19x8cm dimensions- features in fact an innovative 3D glass design on the outer surface perfect for creating unique linear patterns and visual textures.

Instead, if you are looking for more separation, the satin finished glass blocks -on one or two sides- can act as a mask, producing a soft and diffused light that maintains complete privacy on both sides.

With glass blocks, it is possible to design windows, walls and even shower boxes to match any style: sunny, cosy, intimate or 100% private.

Today more than ever, Seves Glassblock is committed to providing architects and designers with functional and decorative product solutions that use colour, texture, light and space to create comfortable and contemporary interiors.