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Doric Q19, The Small Glass Block With Great Potential

The first three-dimensional glass block is now finally available in the standard 19x19cm format.

The famous Doric glass block, custom made by Seves Glassblock for Arch. Rafael Moneo, was originally designed in the 30x30cm dimensions for the University of Deusto Library in 2008.

Its unique three-dimensional glass motif was inspired by the famous Doric order columns of the ancient Greek Hellenic temples, and perfectly combines classical and modern styles into one exclusive design element.

Today, the Doric Q19 glass block allows architects and designers to bring great architecture into the smallest of projects. From residential applications to large commercial spaces, Doric Q19 will turn any partition wall or window into a tactile and visual experience: a unique display of patterns, light reflections and textures.

And to better meet the specific design requirements of each project, Doric Q19 is available in three diverse finishes. The transparent and metallic finishes are excellent for modern and minimal applications, making rooms feel lighter, brighter and airy. Instead, the satin finish provides a softer light which is ideal for creating intimate and cosy spaces.

The Doric Q19 glass block by Seves is unlike any other: an innovative design element that retains the technological and aesthetic features of the original tailor made model, with the standard dimensions of the traditional range.