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Auditorium of Mérida and Luxury Residential in Guadalajara - Mexico

Rainscreen facades are a solution that more countries adopt. The great advantages and guarantees offered to users are the main reason that convince companies when it comes to designing a new building, whether public or private. Two of the last projects with vented façades of Sistema Masa are in Mexico.

Ventilated facades of Sistema Masa for the Auditorium of Mérida, Mexico
Ventilated facades of Sistema Masa for the Auditorium of Mérida, Mexico

The new Auditorium of the city of Mérida will incorporate the rainscreen façades of Sistema Masa on large blind surfaces, that is, without windows. The new auditorium is a project that includes a very innovative design that will provide a new building to hold various acts of the city and culture.


For the installation of the facades, the anchorage system will be fixed to a metallic substructure placed according to our guidelines, so that our elements can have the maximum permissible separation. This last aspect is very positive because it reduces the efforts and the costs of the own system.


The non-continuous horizontal joint of the plates has forced us to fasten the plates with holes through their edges, which is possible with the variant of our horizontal profiling system, PF-ALU / HPL.


Finally, since the layout of the plates makes it difficult to install, a mock up is currently being installed prior to the installation of vented façades of Sistema Masa to locate possible conflicting points.

Luxury Residential in Guadalajara

This project consists of a luxury residential building called Hispania. It is a large tower of 75 meters with ventilated façades of Sistema Masa that will house luxury homes.Since most of the surface is on a blind wall, the installation process of the ventilated facades will be simpler.On the other hand, the vertical non-continuos joint in the cutting will force us to hold the plates at a distance of L / 4 from its vertical edge. In addition, since the plates are 120cm in length, the profiles will have a separation of 60cm between them.

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