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What heights can a SOLIDOR pedestal handle?

Often, there is no choice in the height of the screed or roof structure.

This can be of various different heights. In the past, SOLIDOR has designed several terrace pedestals for this purpose, for both wooden and tiled terraces. This to meet everyone’s needs. SOLIDOR has in its range both fixed and adjustable pedestals and foundation screws.

SOLIDOR fixed pedestals

The SOLIDOR range starts with the fixed pedestals; these are the lowest pedestals and were named the RC range. These pedestals consist of a top plate and a protective rubber and have a height of 10 mm, but are also available in a height of 14 mm. The only disadvantage is that they are not adjustable and slopes cannot be corrected.

The main advantages of these pedestals are that they are sound-damping; this is because of their base which consists of a protective rubber and of course also their low height as discussed earlier.

Premium range

As a second range, SOLIDOR has the Premium range, which was specially developed for minimum dimensions with maximum capabilities. These adjustable pedestals start with a height of 17 mm. This range has pedestals from 17-23 mm. These pedestals can be raised by extension pieces. Slopes can be corrected by the slope corrector available in its range.

Comfort range

Finally, SOLIDOR has the most widely used range, which is the Comfort range. This range is adjustable from 35 mm and can go up to 1 meter in height, by using extension pieces. The specific components for tiles and wooden terraces offer flexibility and modularity.

In addition to the ordinary supports, the Comfort range also has adjustable terrace pedestals specially designed for finishing the terrace against the wall; these were named AK.

Finally, the different ranges offer the possibility to start combining them when different heights occur in the subsurface.

Liftsol range

In addition to these ranges, SOLIDOR also has its foundation screws, which are only for the installation of wooden terraces. These were named Liftsol and are available in two sizes. Namely:

- Liftsol XL: Screw 65 cm long, height: 150 mm

- Liftsol S: screw 65 cm long, height: 40 mm

This system has a stable base and can be placed in any type of soil, except sandy soil. With this system, you combine the long screws with the adjustable part, any extension pieces and the top plate CPV+. Liftsol Screw 65 XL and Liftsol Screw 65 S can be screwed or fixed into the soil with poured cement.

What heights can a SOLIDOR pedestal handle?


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