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SVF wins an order of more than €800,000 to equip a new Parisian university campus.

SVF won an order worth more than 800,000 euros for the supply and installation of fire-resistant glazed joinery in new campus premises internationally renowned Parisian academic.

SVF will be involved in an impressive project to redevelop and extend an existing Parisian university campus of 14,000 m2 which will combine modern construction and modernization of historic enclosure.

SVF firewall glass partitioning solutions were chosen for this ambitious project. ambitious. SVF will thus manufacture and install more than 120 joinery products from its ranges Aluprotec and Acierflam®. Fixed frames, but also single or double-leaf door units, single or double-leaf steel and aluminium, will soon be installed on the new site. Among these works, we can note the presence of curved aluminium frames that will come to marry the alcoves and other arches inherited from the architecture of the former building. These frames require specific know-how, especially for bending, cutting and assembly.

All the joinery has a degree of fire resistance ranging from flame retardancy 30 minutes firewall 2 hours to comply with regulations and partitioning spaces in order to prevent the spread of possible fires. SVF products will be used to secure the areas intended for student life (cafeteria, living areas, etc.), libraries, or classrooms), while allowing natural light to circulate.

The studies will be fully modelled in a 3D digital model according to BIM requirements. Installation of the structures will begin next March for a delivery of the building in April 2021.


  • 67150 Schaeffersheim, France
  • Solen Usseglio-Viretta