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Research, experimentation and love for LIGHT by Targetti.

COLOR WHEELS is a Light Art installation, fruit of the creative flair of lighting designers Alessandra Stratimirovic and Athanassios Danilof and created in Targetti laboratories using Strip LED by Duralamp, one of the Group brands.

A value object but also a perceptive tool, COLOR WHEELS was inspired by numerous attempts made throughout the course of history to organise colour and understand it essence. Artists, scientists and scholars starting with Leonardo da Vinci and Leon Battista Alberti right up to Isaac Newton and J.W. von Goethe, developed various theories and approaches to understand and classify colour. An emblematic example of this is the so-called Colour Wheel that has been reinterpreted by two artists in light of the most innovative technology available today.

Today we live in an era in which analogue and digital converge and static becomes dynamic. This is a trend that makes it necessary to revisit the relationship between light and colour. The latter understood as the perception that forms in our brain following the commingling of past experiences and visual information.

In particular, COLOR WHEELS is a triptych made of sections that are themselves organised into six circles, each one fitted with Led Durastrip RGBW by Duralamp, arranged in concentric layers. The visual experience is stimulated by creating successive brightness, hue and saturation hierarchies that are reflected on each circle, while the perceptual process is activated by an attempt to investigate colour harmonies and analogies as well as complimentary, simultaneous and sequential colour contrasts and chromatic afterimages. In short it explores the theme of visual perception and its ability to change over time.

Presented for the first time in Frankfurt at light + building 2016 on the Targetti stand, the installation was received with great interest even by the international press, especially by a large number of magazines specialising in the lighting design sector and by lighting designers themselves.


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