Liquid waterproofing applied to steel and zinc

Triflex GmbH & Co. KG
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Triflex enables reliable waterproofing of metal roofs

Metal roofs are functional, versatile and visually diverse. However, their resistance is compromised when the transitions between individual components are not waterproof. This allows moisture to penetrate and damage the building structure. Liquid applied waterproofing systems, such as those offered by Triflex, allow the quick and long-lasting elimination of such weak spots.

Details on roof coverings present a particular challenge: it is essential that they are properly waterproofed from the outset in order to prevent any underflow of water at these spots and protect the structure against moisture. Liquid applied waterproofing is a tailor-made solution for such problems because it adapts to the shape of the roof and can also be applied to hard-to-reach areas. And should the roof show signs of damage due to structural movements, mechanical stress or the effects of the weather, subsequent application is also easy.

The Triflex ProDetail waterproofing system with a polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) base is ideal for transitions. It moulds itself even to complicated roof details like a second skin and bridges cracks. Fleece-reinforced, the product is unaffected by any thermal or mechanical movements of the elements. The material also adheres to vertical surfaces and all conventional metals. Thanks to its liquid application, it can also be applied cold and its low weight makes it ideal for the light construction of metal roofs.

Triflex has also developed the rust-inhibiting Triflex Metal Primer specially for building shells made of metal, which offers full corrosion protection to all hard-to-reach areas, critical transitions and substrates. This quick-drying single-component material with a high-grade alkyd resin base seamlessly covers details like metal carriers and adheres to all metallic surfaces. Triflex Metal Primer increases the substrate adhesion of all PMMA-based systems.

To extend the life of roof constructions made of metal, contractors can also apply Triflex Metal Coat with an elastic high polymer base. This is a watertight functional coating that protects against weathering and corrosion and damage caused by impacts. Triflex Metal Coat reliably absorbs any movements in the metal and also withstands chemical and mechanical loads. It can be recoated after just two hours.

Liquid waterproofing applied to steel and zinc

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