Unspoilt panoramic view after terrace refurbishment

Sarah Opitz-Vlachou
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Triflex provides long-lasting waterproofing and upgrades any open-air oasis

The residents of a detached house in Göriach were no longer able to enjoy the wonderful view of the impressive mountainous scenery of the Karawanks. The effects of various weather conditions and a lack of waterproofing on the surface had caused extensive moisture damage to the fabric of the building. In order to be able to use the panoramic terrace again quickly, the owner issued the order for its refurbishment. A waterproofing system was required which would combine functionality with a great look. After an intensive consultation with the specialist company Wutte GmbH of St. Kanzian am Klopeiner See – a company trained by liquid applied waterproofing experts Triflex – the client decided on a waterproofing solution based on polymethyl methacrylate resin (PMMA). The Triflex BTS-P fleece-reinforced balcony waterproofing system provides long-lasting protection of the structure. The contractors gave the surface a contemporary look in conjunction with Triflex Creative Design and Triflex Colour Design.

The detached home in Göriach offers its owners a comfortable living space in a rural environment. It was built in the 1990s near to the Carinthian capital of Klagenfurt. The centrepiece of the property is the 70 m2 terrace which provides a picturesque view of the Karawanks, a mountain range of the Southern Limestone Alps.

Damp damages the fabric of the building

Over the years, the terrace had been heavily afflicted with the effects of various weather conditions. Porous joints, broken tiles and efflorescence on the masonry were the consequences. Paintwork damage on the vehicles parked in the garage underneath the terrace was a firm indication of possible damp in the fabric of the building. It had been caused by salt and lime from water which was dripping from the ceiling of the parking space. In order to repair the existing damage and provide the fabric of the building with sustainable protection, the surfaces and details needed to be waterproofed quickly. This was also designed to upgrade the appearance of the open-air oasis.

The order of the day: a combination of function and a great look

As well as waterproofing the surface, for the client it was also important that his panoramic terrace be aesthetically pleasing. The system solutions of liquid applied waterproofing manufacturer Triflex facilitate a combination of functional waterproofing and appealing design. Given that Wutte GmbH, the company contracted to carry out the refurbishment, has had good experiences with Triflex for many years, the specialist company also recommended the use of the special resin for this property. Following consultation meetings with contractor Stefan Arnesch and Triflex Area Sales Manager for Carinthia/Styria Norbert Hörner, the owner opted for the Triflex BTS-P balcony waterproofing system. A combination of Triflex Creative Design and Triflex Colour Design was used for the surface design. Thanks to the wide range of options for the creation of a colourful, decorative balcony coating, it gives the tried-and-tested Triflex waterproofing and coating systems an improved look. The client decided on the application of a wind rose in the middle of the surface, to be emphasised in a deep terracotta shade.

The benefits of the Triflex BTS-P balcony waterproofing system in conjunction with Triflex Creative Design:

- Combination of function and a great look, thanks to integrated Triflex waterproofing

- Wide range of composition options in multiple colours

- Quick and easy application

- Short curing times

- Low build-up and low mass per unit area

- Lasting weather resistance

Working collectively towards the perfect result

In order to produce optimum refurbishment results,close working cooperation between all parties involved with the project is important, as is product quality. This also worked out successfully when it came to the repair of the terrace in Göriach, a project which, true to the Triflex maxim, was “solved together” by the client, the contractor and Triflex employee Norbert Hörner.

In a first work step, the contractors removed the old covering of tiles, ground down the screed and primed the surface with Triflex Cryl Primer 276. The tried-and-tested Triflex ProDetail with fleece reinforcement was then applied: The detail waterproofing system, which is applied in liquid form, integrates complex components seamlessly and smoothly, such as the balustrade, vertical surfaces and doors in this case. Triflex ProTerra was used for surface waterproofing. Once the wearing layer was applied with Triflex ProFloor, the wind rose was externally bonded with Triflex Creative Design. To do so, the contractors applied the graphic film, sealed it and completed it in colour with Triflex Colour Design. The system provides a non-slip, easy-to-clean, weather and UV-resistant surface. It adheres over the entire surface of the substrate and provides protection from rainwater, damage from frost and damp and, consequently, growth of mould or moss.

An unspoilt view

The specialist company's recommendation that Triflex be used to create lasting water-tight and optically pleasing waterproofing proved to be the tailor-made solution for the terrace in Göriach. After refurbishment, the residents are once again able to enjoy an unspoilt panoramic view of the Karawanks.

Unspoilt panoramic view after terrace refurbishment

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