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One Man’s Trash, Another Man’s Treasure

Vanessa Liwanag
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Constructing with recycled materials has become a simple solution to the problem of overusing natural resources.

In various projects throughout the world, architects choose to use salvaged window frames, old corrugated tin sheets and discarded wooden planks to construct structures that not only portray such a response, but that also result in standout designs.

We have put together examples of unique bars and restaurants all the way from Bali to Kamikatsu, Japan and Copenhagen that show exemplary use of recycled materials, in their facades and interiors.

Bali, Indonesia: The Potato Head Beach Club

On the famed island of the Gods in Indonesia sits a beachside bar and restaurant made of window shutters salvaged from run-down houses: The Potato Beach Club. This unique establishment in Bali draws crowds for its impressive use of colorful painted teak window shutters on the massive colosseum-style structure. The entrance leads to interior spaces filled with tables, chairs and lighting also made from recycled materials.

Courtesy of NAP Architects
Courtesy of NAP Architects

Courtesy of Ade Herkarisma

Eko Nugroho x Potato Head: Bouquet of Love

Kamikatz Public House. Courtesy of NAP Architects.

Kamikatz Public House. Courtesy of the transitgeneraloffice

Vakst. Courtesy of Genbyg.

Vakst. Courtesy of Genbyg.

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