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Urbanism: An Innovative & Sustainable Future

Erin Tallman
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Portugal’s Web Summit, the “largest tech conference in the world”, once again brought over 1,000 speakers and 60,000 attendees.

From this special event, we gathered information on how urbanism can benefit from technology and how this could soon affect the design of our cities.

ArchiExpo e-Magazine interviewed regeneration architect and technology futurist Thomas Ermacora, Juergen Resch, founder and director of Wmoove and Yvonne Wassenaar, CEO of Airware (drones!).

Co-creating Urban Futures Through Technology

Technology may have caused a myriad of problems, distinctly in the way we have been designing our cities. When the car took over the city after the second world war, urban planners began tailoring the city to the car, neglecting human behavior and communal needs. We began inching slowly away from one another and into a connected society of individuality, resembling robots more so than humans. According to the founder of Clear Village Thomas Ermacora, this trend is at an inflection point as what we have seen in terms of mass participation with the likes of Wikipedia and kickstarter is about to happen and scale to the city.

He advocates for citizens to become engaged by developing new commons, including data commons to protect their rights and increase their self reliance. This is his version of a digital age resilience which he is pushing into the circles of the World Economic Forum and other major thought leadership institutions.

Courtesy of Airware.
Courtesy of Airware.

Open Source Urbanism & How to Recode Your City | Thomas Ermacora | TEDxBeaconStreet

BOSA - Affordable Housing XPRIZE

Commercial Drone Solution for Site Management

Courtesy of Wmoove

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