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Optimize your energy consumption with Finder devices

In these times of rising energy bills, Finder offers a wide range of products that can help you optimize your electricity and gas consumption.

Price rises as a consequence of the increases in the cost of energy means that smart ways of manage spending are crucial. According to estimates, the new market tariffs could lead to a 65% increase in electricity costs and a 59.2% increase in gas costs. (Source: Arera). In these challenging times, Finder offers a number of devices designed for the optimal management of electricity and heating-related consumption.

How to save on your electricity bills

Finder offers a wide range of devices designed for the optimal management of lighting within homes, apartment blocks, offices and large public buildings – devices designed to help the consumer reduce their energy bills.

Here are some of Finder's products:

- 10 and 11 Series light dependent relays (or ‘twilight switches’) for switching lights on and off according to the level of detected ambient light. These devices are generally used for outdoor lighting installations such as courtyards, gardens, car parks and for street lighting.

- 12 Series time switches for the programmed switching of lights.

- 14 Series staircase timers for controlling lighting in stairwells and corridors.

- 18 Series PIR movement and presence detectors, designed to switch on the lights when movement and/or people are detected.

- YESLY, the Finder comfort living system for managing lights and electric shutters, curtains and blinds in the home; with the capability of remote management using Amazon and Google voice assistants.

How to save on heating

For the optimal management of the climate within homes or offices, Finder now offers the BLISS2 range of thermostats and chronothermostats which, in just a few steps, let you programme and personalize the temperature according to your needs, even remotely.

BLISS2 can be used either via the Internet using the Finder Gateway, or by using Bluetooth technology in the event of a network failure. Intelligent climate management saves energy, with customized programming and consumption control at your fingertips.

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