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Save energy with Finder’s smart meters

Finder's range of smart meters help you keep a close eye on your energy consumption.

The recent increase in energy costs has given rise to an unprecedented global energy crisis, and prices have reached record levels due to the complex geopolitical situation. The energy crisis is pushing the governments of large countries to take drastic measures over the coming months. These include limiting the use of heating in homes and public offices, rationing the use of hot water, and managing civic lighting systems.

Now more than ever it’s essential to keep energy consumption under control everywhere. Indeed, with the appropriate management, it’s possible to minimize energy waste from electronic devices and/or electrical appliances.

Finder's range of smart energy meters are designed for the detailed monitoring of consumption, even remotely. They can be used within a wealth of sectors including homes and industry, offices, photovoltaic systems, EV charging stations and campsites.

Finder energy meters, some of which are MID certified, allow reading and programming of data from smartphones thanks to NFC technology and the Finder Toolbox NFC app. The implementation of NFC technology is important because it makes it possible to read energy meters in the absence of line voltage, or to customize and program the meter with elements such as primary address or baud rate. They are interconnectable via M-Bus and Modbus RS485 ports (depending on the model).

The range consists of the following models:

Type 7M.24, available in 5 different versions:

● 7M. is an entry-level, kWh-only version with S0 pulse output for remote energy monitoring;

● 7M. is multi-function and MID certified with S0 pulse output;

● 7M. is an energy meter with the features of the "0010" version, but also equipped with NFC technology to customize the display and readings;

● 7M. is a bi-directional, MID-certified multi-function device with built-in Modbus interface and equipped with NFC technology for convenient programming of Modbus parameters via smartphone;

● 7M. is a bi-directional, MID-certified, multi-functional smart meter with M-Bus integrated interface.

Type 7M.38, available in 3 different versions:

● 7M.38.8.400.0112, with dual S0 pulse outputs for remote energy control, IR communication port and NFC technology;

● 7M.38.8.400.0212 with RS485 Modbus integrated interface and S0 pulse outputs for remote energy control, IR communication port and NFC technology;

● 7M.38.8.400.0312 with M-Bus integrated interface, S0 pulse outputs for remote energy control, IR communication port and NFC technology.

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