A new addition to the glass railings family

Glas Marte GmbH
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For sealing/thermal insulation systems

All-glass railings that are installed in a line pattern at the bottom edge are in demand for the edgings of patios, platforms or balconies. The GM RAILING® Solo Y series offers a solution that corresponds with the pulled up membrane roof. The outer and inner membrane seals are fitted to the highest possible point in the usual manner. The profiles have the possibility of thermal expansion and the sealing problems are solved. A thermal break and very low interruptions in the insulation layer enable a solid connection to the statically supporting building in variable design. Adjustment elements can be used at any point (acc. to statics) of the railing suspension profile, which is already factory-bonded to the glass. Therefore, no work needs to be done on the profile, and the all-glass railing can be easily designed, planned and executed in almost any situation.

Optimisation by prefabrication

Using prefabricated glass construction modules in conjunction with a substructure profile and a continuous handrail, the all-glass railing series allows linear bearings without the need for vertical columns. The prefabricated glass construction modules are mounted in the substructure profiles installed on-site and screwed together using cylinder head screws or specially designed distance pieces. One of the benefits of prefabrication is also the positive price/performance ratio and the planning security achieved. Installation times can be reduced to a minimum; adjustment and any necessary glass replacement are executed easily and quickly.

Good feelings, guaranteed

Whether side mounting, flush installation, for curved glass or for installation in fair-faced concrete. Based on nine basic types, almost all requirements can be covered using numerous variations and special designs. In addition to the purely technical development work, Glas Marte has invested a lot of development in supporting both planners and architects. For example, in addition to supporting tender documents the corresponding planning aids are available for each application and can be downloaded in the common planning formats.

A new addition to the glass railings family

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