Performance of facade greening

Jo Leitner
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Motivation for improvement of building and environment

In the context of climate change, we must assume that the burdens to

Urban residents are increasing due to overheating during the summer months.

Additional noise and air pollution increase the displeasure of the residents and understandably require to do something.

The facade greening of greenurbanlife® is a solution.

How powerful is it in the scientific sense?

Here are some data:

Building optimization:

• Reduction of the surface temperature of the facade (evaporation / shading)

by more than 10 degrees.

• Very good insulation effect

• Pollutant filter and fine dust setting

• Reducing noise (up to 20 decibel)

• Energy saving

(Up to 50% reduction in primary energy (primary energy requirement for cooling: technical sun protection 39-49 kWh / m2 / a vs. greenery 22 kWh / m2 / a [40]

Impact on the environment:

• Climate protection (Co2 absorption)

• Cooling

• Air quality (reduction of PM10 and No2 concentration, oxygen production)

• Biodiversity

Source: Report Facade greening / TU Darmstadt


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Performance of facade greening

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